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How to Write

Writing is not just a tool you use in school. It is a craft you learn here, and use the rest of your life. Your future employers will value good writing as much or more than your current teachers. So you will not regret the effort you make to become a confident writer. Knowing that you can express yourself in writing about your expertise, whether that be management or marketing or finance or organization, is an invaluable foundation for success.

This lecture will introduce you to a simple approach to improving your writing skills, one paragraph at a time. It will also introduce you to the resources that are available here at CBS to help you when you encounter difficulties in your writing process. Finally, it serves as an introductory lecture to our Craft of Research Workshop, which is open throughout the year to help you train.

The lecture takes about an hour, and there will be plenty of time at the end for questions.

Tuesday 29 January 2019
17:30 - 19:30
Solbjerg Plads

Event Organizer

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Thomas Basbøll