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CBS Professor Edward Ashbee on US politics and the upcoming elections

CBS Professor Edward Ashbee on US politics and the upcoming elections

Join CBS Library for a public talk by CBS professor Edward Ashbee (Department of International Economics, Government and Business) on US politics and elections.

US presidential elections are very long processes. The parties spend many months choosing their candidates (although incumbent presidents are usually a shoe-in as their party’s nominee) and then the parties’ candidates are pitted against each other.

But what will determine the final outcome in November? Is the state of the economy decisive? Will workers in the American heartland stick with Donald Trump? Does President Trump’s personality and style make a difference? Will social media play a role? Does the Democratic Party need a moderate or radical candidate if it is to win back the White House? Will the Electoral College again determine the result? And what at the end of the day - might be the consequences for Europe?

Eddie Ashbee, who directs CBS’s International Business and Politics programme, will be looking at all these questions and speculating about likely developments.


Thursday 5 March 2020
16:00 - 17:30
CBS Library Forum - Solbjerg Plads lower ground floor
Solbjerg Plads
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